Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship Education Program (EEP): EEP is a training that the organization uses to achieve her aims and objectives through seminars and workshops. It is Skill acquisition and business Capacity building training moves the unemployed into business owner level. Our Entrepreneurship Education is Women and Youth Specific.
It covers 3 Methodology Sections as

1. Self Discovery and Personality Assessment.
2. Vocational/Skill Acquisition
3. Wealth Creation (Business Capacity Building)

Self Discovery and Personality Assessment: this section will assist the beneficiary identify their dreams, evaluate and analysis the extent to which he/she has worked towards achieving the dream, inherent strengths and weakness and future plans to achieving the dream.

Vocational/Skill Acquisition: Training is a practical class that teaches beneficiaries step by step method in becoming a professional in their areas of chosen interest after the Self discovery and Personality assessment class.
We have this as Empower the Woman, Youth self sustainability skill acquisition programs etc. These Practical classes include e.g.

I. Exportation Business
ii. Fashion (Production of shoes, bags, hat, bead, sewing,
Hair, )
iii. Online Importation and Social Media Marketing
iv. E- Business (Website design, Programming, Online
Marketing, )
v. Farming (Fish Farm, Poultry Farm, Snail, Piggery, )
vi. Food Processing & Storage (Custard, Corn floor, Bean
floor etc)
vii.Cake and Pastries(Cake, Biscuits, Bread, Meat/sh
pie, Do-nut, Samusa, Spring-roll, chin-chin etc)
viii. Soap and cosmetics (Liquid, tablet & Powder soap,
Germicides, Bleach, Odour Control, Perfumes)
ix. Designs and Printing
x. Recharge Card Printing (POS, E-Pin, Software and
xi. Production of Machine (Ice block molding, Dryer, )

Wealth Creation/Business Capacity Building: the training make beneficiaries to grow their businesses to internationally acceptable standard create strategies that will prevent business failure. It covers

xii. Start-up and Innovation
xiii. Entrepreneurship (Transition Process from Employee to Business Owner)
xiv. Financial Literacy
xv. Branding, Marketing and CRM
xvi. Business Management