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African Entrepreneurial and Human Development Initiatives (AEDI)

African Entrepreneurial and Human Development Initiatives (AEDI) a Nigerian based Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) is aimed at advancing Human and Enterprise developers in Nigeria through education, practical training, mentoring, monitoring and networking. In the past years, AEDI has embarked on several programs including awareness creation, community programs, training’s (Skill Acquisition and Business Capacity Building) and has financially empowered thousands of Youth, Women and Communities in different Entrepreneurial and Human Development activities with their success stories.



To discover, grow, groom, and develop individuals and groups to be self reliant and empower their entrepreneurial skills through capacity building and partnership initiatives for the development of Africa.


To be the prime platform for Entrepreneurial development and poverty eradication in Africa.


The Aims and Objectives of the INITIATIVE shall be to:

  • Participate in, and encourage the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Africa and around the world.
  • Develop and execute projects/programmes that are aimed at developing, improving, and enhancing entrepreneurial culture among youths in areas the INITIATIVE may desire or see opportunity.
  • Organise seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, public meetings, classes and conferences calculated directly or indirectly to advance the cause of youth and entrepreneurship in all its ramifications, whether general, specific, professional, technical or vocational.
  • Supply and provision of learning materials and facilities, such as books, library materials, computers, audio-visual aids, learning aids, sporting and equipment, building and other educational facilities etc. to entrepreneurs and in promotion of the culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa and the world.
  • Rendering financial assistance and funding support to entrepreneurs through the institutionalization of the INITIATIVE’s Entrepreneurship Programme, grants, provision of microfinance, loans and other endowment projects the INITIATIVE may from time to time determine or deem fit to introduce.
  • Executing projects that will enhance and upgrade entrepreneurial learning, facilities and accommodation, construction of buildings  repairs, re-decoration and rehabilitation of classrooms, dormitories, hostels, laboratories, workshops, offices, factories, and staff rooms at such places, and to such extents, and areas as the INITIATIVE may in each case consider desirable.
  • Promoting and encouraging values of creativity, self-reliance, innovation, entrepreneurship, merit, scholarship and discipline through the institution of reward programmes such as gifts, prizes and specific endowments to exemplary and deserving entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.
  • Promoting and encouraging the award of grants for research into educational, scientific, and social issues and topics, either alone or in collaboration with institutions or organisations of similar or compatible objectives.
  • Enter into agreements with relevant institutions in Nigeria or abroad with a view to promoting entrepreneurial talent, securing financial, technical, operational and material support for young entrepreneurs.
  • Promote efforts for development, poverty alleviation, and reduction of unemployment by encouraging, organising, and supporting self-help projects among the youths, women, and the rural and urban dwellers.
  • Organise, encourage and develop the mass media and communication practitioners in order to promote fair, balanced and courageous reporting of political, economic and social activities.
  • Promote physical and health education through the encouragement and establishment of sporting competitions and provision of sporting facilities in such places and to such extents as the INITIATIVE may deem desirable.
  • To protect and educate on the right to development and other human rights.
  • Partner with organisations with similar objectives and carry out any other desirable activity which the organization may deem necessary and relevant from time to time as beneficial to the target groups, the communities and humanity.


In order to achieve the above aims and objectives, the INITIATIVE shall carry out the following functions:

  • Identify entrepreneurial talent, promote entrepreneurial culture and empower young entrepreneurs with the moral, material, technical and financial infrastructure.
  • Organise motivational training programmes for youth to promote self discovery, potential development and wealth creation.
  • identify key social and political groups and communities that need political and civic education in order to fully imbibe and support entrepreneurial democratic norms and values in the society;
  • engage in social and political activities that are non-partisan but promote good governance and public accountability.
  • organise centres for entrepreneurship development, and conduct workshops, seminars and conferences with a view to promoting civic awareness, duties, entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.
  • organise and mobilize women, youths, labour, students and similar groups to realize their full potential and obligation towards the sustenance and promotion of a democratic society in Nigeria;
  • publish and distribute handouts, monographs, pamphlets, posters, magazines and newspapers that educate the citizens on specific democratic opportunities and programmes;
  • participate in the promotion of democratic culture which enhances entrepreneurial development and rights necessary for its facilitation and promotion.
  • assist entrepreneurs with start-up, project development and improvement and other capital funds that will enhance wealth creation and talent development.
  • promote excellence by giving special awards and commendations to outstanding individuals and groups in their various vocations and professions, either in the private or public sector;
  • promote activities that empower the legislature at various levels in the discharge of their legislative duties and constituency responsibilities;
  • organize activities and champion causes that promote human rights and civil liberties in Nigeria;
  • carry out awareness campaigns and promote activities that preserve and protect the environment from degradation and destruction;

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