AEDI in pursuit of her objectives has the following plan:


  1. To organise Skill Acquisition Trainings and business Capacity Building in 36 States of the Federation in Nigeria and FCT
  2. To Build AEDI Skill Acquisition training centres for community levels
  3. To Ensure that our communities do not lack good equipment and facilities that will improve the lives of community dwellers in the Education, Health, Security, Sanitation, light,
  4. To embark on community mobile Vocational trainings, Telecommunication Awareness, health awareness, environmental management, sanitation, water and etc
  5. To organise radio and television talk show on Human and Enterprise development
  6. To Organise Conference of Entrepreneurship i.e. bringing together of policy makers to come up with communique on new entrepreneurship policies that will foster enterprise development in Nigeria.
  7. To develop an ICT solution to bridge the farmer and end user gap called “Marketing Information Kiosk; Nigerian Agricultural Product Market Price Portal”
  8. To increase numbers of pupils and students in our scholarship scheme.
  9. Shelter for less privileged/underserved in 6 geographical areas in Nigeria titled “Roof over their Heads.”