Skill Acquisition: Training is a practical class that teaches participant step by step method in becoming a professional in their area of interest chosen after the Self discovery and Personality assessment class. We have organized Empower the Woman, Youth self sustainability skill acquisition programs with donation from TOTAL PLC These Practical classes include e.g.

  1. Fashion (Production of shoes, bags, hat, bead, sewing, Hair, )
  2. Online Importation and Social Media Marketing
  3. E- Business (Website design, Programming, Online Marketing, )
  4. Farming (Fish Farm, Poultry Farm, Snail, Piggery, )
  5. Food Processing & Storage (Custard, Corn floor, Bean floor etc)
  6. Cake and Pastries(Cake, Biscuits, Bread, Meat/fish pie, Do-nut, Samusa, Spring-roll, chin-chin etc)
  7. Soap and cosmetics (Liquid, tablet & Powder soap, Germicides, Bleach, Odour Control, Perfumes)
  8. Designs and Printing
  9. Recharge Card Printing (POS, E-Pin, Software and Websites)
  10. Production of Machine (Ice block moulding, Dryer, )