AEDI Vision 20/20 on Commuinty Development.

Join us @ AEDI Vision 20/20 Project Launch on Thurs 12th April 2018 by 11am @ AEDI Training Centre Glory House, Karu, Abuja.
Project Period 12th April 2018 to 31 Dec 2020.
Project objective:
1. To train 50,000 communities in different Vocations & Business Operations and Development
2. To Create 1,000,000 successful Enterprises in Nigeria
3. To Financially Empower 1000  Enterprises with Grants or Loan. At Start or Expansion stage
4. To reduce the rate Business failures in Nigeria by 25%
5. To upgrade facilities in commuinty Hospitals, Schools, etc
For more info visit us at AEDI Training Centre Glory House by Alpha Clinic Karu Abuja.
Call 08085352517